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Bioinformatics News post

I will start with a monthly post about bioinformatics. It might contain news from Spain, or whatever I heard about. Changed the machine room of Embl Moving 20 Petabytes - blog post thanking the technical team @emblebi in the machine room move end of 2014. — Ewan Birney (@ewanbirney) January 13, 2015 Read Ewan's blog post to learn about this silent move. I would also share this discussion from biostar : Why the bioinformatics field don't move to the " leading edge technology for biology big data analysis "? I personally agree with this long answer , which states that the problem is not the how we process information but, what we do with information. In genomics, metabolomics, interactomics, we don't need to process live streams of data, so technolgoy developed by Facebook, and Google towards solving this issues cannot be applied in -omics field. But I must disagree with the author, I don't think GO or other effort