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Updating your mail on Bioconductor

If you have a package in Bioconductor and you need to change the email (say you change from university or company) it is not fast. You need to do the following: On the bioc-devel mailing list. On the support website through "edit my profile" On your BiocCredentials Send a request to the bioc-devel for updating the maintainer email for the related packages  Update the DESCRIPTION file in the release and devel branches of all the packages the email is listed in (this can be done by Bioconductor core members if you ask so in the previous point) This is because there isn't a centralized account to control the email on all these related services. It is not hard, but you could forget something. Thanks to Leonardo and Nitesh for reporting this on the mailing list

Accessing the vignettes

I am used to search in the web for the vignettes of the packages, but sometimes it is useful to access the one in the computer. In this occasions you can use: vignette(package="UpSetR") # To know if there are vignettes and their name vignette("set.metadata.plots", package = "UpSetR") # Open one of the vignettes