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Reviewing a preprint

After a while I write back to comment about the preprint : "Benchmarking joint multi-omics dimensionality reduction approaches for cancer study". First, I'll explain why I comment here: On 20th September 2019 I saw on twitter a poster about multiomics mentioing RGCCA, which I have been using for a while. After asking somehting about it the first author of the poster commented that would notify me when the preprint would be ready. Now that the preprint is ready, the first author of the paper, Laura, asked for comments on the preprint. Abstract Already from the abstract one notices that there is an special emphasis on reproducible research. The methods used and how other readers can use them, can be easily accessed and reused. Background The integrations methods are classified after explaining why the integration methods are needed, and why do we need to compare them.  One of these classifications are the dimension reduction approaches, which this article foc