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Bioinformatics News March

I must confess this month I thought I had any new to share but right after I published last post I found one which I saved for this month: The first epigenomic's map:( Spanish,   English) The logo of the consortium ( Roadmap Epigenomics Mapping Consortium )  involved on the Epigenomic's roadmap Sometimes people complain that bioinformaticians think that a gene is defined by a position in a chromosome or a genetic element, plasmid, mitochondrial chromosome, genome... I don't think so, many bioinformaticians are biologist who know how replication, transcription, and translation works molecularly. However the easiest way to work with genomes implies omitting it, and work with known sequences and suppose that they are transcribed and translated literally. With this step and the previously know Encode project we learn more about splicing and epigenomics and in the future we will see how this will change bioinformatics work.