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Sequencing: From the wet lab to the dry lab

Here I'll share some experiences for sequencing samples by RNA. Most of them will be useful for other techniques and also for single cell sequencing (or scRNA-seq). Here I'm assuming that you do a short-sequence technique from Illumina or similar companies. Also I'll provide some tips to make easier the life of the bioinformatician that will analyse the data. Don't expect to find how many reads for sample you need or which design is better or which machine. Neither I will talk about prices or provide a list of companies and scientific platforms to look for. I won't cover how to analyse the data, or compare pipelines to process RNA-seq. Hope this post is more practical than all that but less technical. Before sending: Get ready You carried out your experiments and have already extracted the RNA from patients, mice, rats, cell cultures or whatever are you studying. You have them named with sensible names for your experiment like A+B-, 4789/Diff, 256-w046 and u