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Bioinformatics News May

Now again I want to share with you some news: Novel online bioinformatics tool significantly reduces time of multiple genome analysis Machine-learning scoring functions for identifying native poses of ligands docked to known and novel proteins In the First Bioinformatics Hackathon, Computer Scientists Meeting in Russia Use their Computer Skills to Fight Deadly Diseases Chemicals giant DuPont buying Taxon Biosciences MarkerMiner 1.0: An easy-to-use bioinformatics platform for DNA analysis in angiosperms New 3-D Method Improves the Study of Proteins OpGen raises $17 million in initial public offering , to develops tests to help hospitals identify drug-resistant bacteria  Massively parallel biology students: More than 900 students co-author genomics research paper , an interessting effort to do science Researchers obtain precise estimates of the epigenetic mutation rate BIB logo of their website. And last but not least, there was the announcement from the BIB of a new d