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Coding ecosistem

If you are looking for improvements in your software development you might have read or heard about test, licenses, styles, quality, ... This post is aimed to explain how and which pieces work together for a related goal. I have seen lots of post for each specific tools or steps, but not so much for a list of how do you work with all (or some). Here I list some of these tools related to R packages and GitHub. I edit as I go, so if I missed something let me know and I'll update the list. Previous work Before starting writing a new piece of software as usually avoid "reinventing the wheel", so search for similar packages, I recommend using packagefinder . Which allows you to search for keywords in the existing CRAN packages. Naming When I start a project I try to identify the name with what is its goal and then I check with available . It checks github and dictionaries to suggest a name for your package or check your name Coding just typing R code - Hadley