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My journey with Bioconductor

My experience with Bioconductor I been involved with the Bioconductor project for several years and last year I attended the BioC2019 conference in New York. It was my first time in an international conference abroad. I'm posting here my experience with the project. Pre-conference The first time I heard about Bioconductor was in 2013 when in an internship, my main goal was to analyze data from Pichia pastoris and look at the functions of the differentially expressed genes through gene ontology. I did it with topGO and other packages included in Bioconductor. Later during the master in Bioinformatics for Health Science I studied, we used several packages from Bioconductor to analyze other data (the main project is still online ). Also as part of the master thesis I also used some other packages (the thesis involved using WGCNA ) but the main question roadblock was knowing the function and what are the genes doing. So I developed a package to compare the annotation of genes accord