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Functional enrichment methods and pathways

For some time I have been working on one topic. I am not sure if this is how it started but I fail to see other reasons. So I'll describe why I'm now working with gene sets collections. The trigger I usually try to help others in Biostars , Bioconductor , and in the StackExchange network (specially in Bioinformatics ). On one of these sites I was trying to help some person, and in one of the comments ( Jun 21 '17 ) it says: You don't build pathway maps from bioinformatics data, you build them from wet-lab experiments. And I was : " Why not? We already know (kind of) the number of genes, and we have an idea or the number of metabolites in a cell. We have many data, why can't we build pathways?" But I did a brief literature search and I couldn't find anything (if there is something let me know in the comments).   The background Let me explain why this comment got me puzzled: in my work I am usually asked what is the relevan