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Why I named this blog as Biotech on & off?

Yes, this blog is about Biotechnology, as you can understand from the title. But I knew this blog could turn into completely anything else, so I added the on & off. That is the short explanation. The long one: I love biotechnology, I am studying biotechnology and I hope it will help much more than what it does now to people. But I also love bioinformatics, and other related fields. Well, they don't need to be related to get me interested in, so I like to keep myself up to date in several fields. I am driving my career towards bioinformatics , and I have a few pieces of code that I would like to share here, some of them are already in my github account. Or I will post some thoughts about the news I have read. The post will not be always nice, but I hope that they will be always full of good content. I also speak other languages, and sometimes I will post in Spanish, Catalan, or German, or other languages I can learn in the future (I hope to learn at least one more). If I