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Bioinformatics News April

To improve my Bioinformatics report, I started using a couple of tools. I tried to include the page with less ads when possible, if you find any source too crowded with ads please let me know: Genome Canada Launches C$30.5M Genomics Innovation Network and makes  $24M pivo t to bolster bioinformatics capabilities Genenentech search for bioinformatic  chief after Robert   Gentleman leaves for 23andMe Appistry extends its tools and services for analyzing Next-Generation Sequencing data with GenomePilotNIAID-led partnership seeks to establish bioinformatics centers in Africa Curoverse announces new infrastructure software for precision medicine, genomics and bioinformatics : A beta of cloud and on-premise solutions for organizations and individuals using the new Arvados open source software platform to manage, process, and share genomic and biomedical data is now public Sequences onlline Discover the global bioinformatics market 2020 due to the increased application usage