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Possibilities and science

I must admit I was shocked when I heard it: If there is a possibility that doing this we can cure something is enough for me to do it. That was what a friend said talking about modifying human germinal lines. A week later, discussing about transhumanism another friend told me that "Science will solve all problems". This two sentences were said some months ago but I still have them fixed and would like to write about them. First of all I follow a principle: Just because we can do something we have not to do it.  As an example no one  would give a friend with pine nuts if he/she is allergic to them. We don't do it because it is not good for him/her. The reasons why we do something are as important as why we don't do something. In this case (modifying human germinal lines) we have the possibility to gain the piece of knowledge to cure some big deseases (cancers, senescence, autoinmmune diseases...) but at the cost of losing the common biological definition of o