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Bioinformatics News Februar

It is harder to find bioinformatic related news than I thought. This month I found the following news, again if I forgot any company, algorithm or discover related to bioinformatic, or life science on computers let me know:

Obama's new plan to sequence a million people to provide individuated medicines each one.

Binary ASCII code for Bioinformatics
Bioinformatics  as ASCII code in binary 

These new initiative (if successfully approved by the congress) will  acquire data from more patients than the latest large sequencing project 1000 Genomes. Which is still on progress to obtain the consensus sequence for each genome. But still the human genome project is on progress, there are unknown bases on several chromosomes, specially on centriome. As you can see on the project browser, or in the google genome browser for the 1000 Genomes project.

Even if these data is completed is still unclear how to take benefit. More money should be invested on how to use the data than actually acquire it. Aren't we willing for a precise information rather than precise data? Precise data is needed but that is not the objective, therefore it shouldn't be the focus on it. We have already enough data to make a huge change on how medicine works, haven't we?


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    1. Espero que ara es llegeix-hi millor. Gràcies pel consell i per llegir-ho!


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